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Sunday, July 10, 2005

fc's BBA BlogRoll

updated :   10-31-05   7:20 am
968 Blogs have joined the BBA
128 Congressional Leaders have signed John Conyers' Letter
560,000+ Citizens have demanded an investigation

Introduction and Purpose :: I have created this blog to accurately list the members of the Big Brass Alliance.   The automated list on the BBA page has many errors which thereby denies many blogs from actually being linked from that page.   The search engines and blog directories like BlogRolling that use that page to attain links therefore incorporates many errors in their list.   This page lists correctly the BBA BlogRoll.   My list is developed by manually looking at the links and correcting any errors.   Many of the little 'no-name' blogs depend on the blogroll links and the BBA page for recognition in the directories and search engines and I, being one of them just want to help all the little folks out.   - fc (fatcat politics)

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